About PIANC Working Groups (WG)

About PIANC Working Groups (WG)


At present, PIANC WGs are conducting activities under the following 5 Commissions.

  1. InCom WG
  2. MarCom WG
  3. EnviCom WG
  4. RecCom WG
  5. CoCom WG

WGs are established with the approval of the Executive Committee. Participation in WG is limited to individual members and organizational members of PIANC. No particular restrictions are placed on the number of participants in a WG or the locations of meetings, except that the first meeting must be held at PIANC Headquarters in Brussels. The cost of participation, with the exception of the translation and publication costs of reports, must be borne by the participants.

For the WG in which PIANC-Japan is currently participating, please see "WG Activities."